50% of all profits will benefit organizations that demonstrate inclusivity

Unite the States is a socially-conscious campaign with a big-hearted mission: To unite us in our humanity regardless of our differences in race, gender, political or religious beliefs, or socioeconomic status.

A lofty goal, right? It's more of an intention. We don't believe for a minute that we could ever bridge the enormous chasms that divide this country into its many tribes. But if we could take one small step to encourage open-minded conversation between 'us' and whoever we consider 'them' then we're on a positive path to forging unity.

We are not trying to end partisanship. Polarity exists (some might argue that it's our differences that give the USA its color), but it's now divisive, and any exchange concerning different beliefs gets ugly quick. The rule that politics and religion must not be discussed at the table for fear of feuds has been born out too many times to be dismissed. But where does that leave us? Must we completely avoid discussion and debate? How will we learn about each other if we don't talk about our differences?

When you purchase Unite The States apparel, you are buying into the brand's mission to forge peace through positive dialogue. We long for the day when a sea of people come together, regardless of their tribe and march together in collective humanity for the sake of kindred peace. Our lofty goal will be manifest.

Nin Glaister, Founder

I am as guilty as the next for trying to deflect arguments for the sake of peace at meal times, but it has also left me feeling mute. How do I know what I believe if people who think differently from me don't test my beliefs?

The study and practice of Graphic Design taught me the power of compelling visual and verbal communication, but I've always felt like I'm on shaky ground if ever I was asked to voice what I believe. Thus Unite The States is a visual movement. The brand's primary color Purple represents peace and understanding. The logo combines the calm stability of blue, and the fierce energy of red, that symbolize the 'us' and 'them.' The slogans we use are meant to inspire each one of us to be our better selves.

Nina Ross, Designer &Social Media Diva

Born and raised in Maine, Nina grew up the youngest of three siblings, leaving her with an abundance of communication skills and a capacity for story-telling. Though writing is just one of her many passions, she hopes her search for personal insights will help her uncover the mysteries of her own life and the lives of curious minds like hers. Nina lives to unite the states in every way possible.

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